Results from the BALANCE survey: the BALANCE database

The BALANCE database is available as an online spreadsheet that can be commented by anyone opening the link. The corresponding Deliverable (D2.4 BALANCE Database for public consultation) is also available publicly. Inputs to complement or correct the info presented in the database can be made by adding a comment directly to the shared file or through the form below.

Goal and methodology of the BALANCE database

In collaboration with the IEA Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (IEA-HIA), of which the work carried out by Task 38 is gratefully recognised, the BALANCE project has carried out a survey of stakeholders, flagship projects and funding schemes through which could guide the development pathway of rSOC technology to full-scale implementation in a changing energy landscape for Europe.

The outcome depicts a fairly fertile environment for support of an emerging technology like rSOC, with more than 50 active players of diverse entity, many supporting schemes at national level and a focused support at EU level, and a dozen key active projects.

The database presented is available on line for public consultation, with the aim to gather as many further inputs as possible as regards the completeness of the information reported. At the closure of this consultation, the gathered overview will be used to formulate a policy paper for the definition of a European common research and innovation agenda for the further maturation of rSOC as a strategic technology for Europe, to be presented to the European Commission Directorates-General on Research and Innovation and Energy later in the year.

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The data that form the database have been collected through the survey questionnaire that can be still found and used with the link below.