What: strategical policy workshop: A European Common Research Agenda for Alternative renewable fuels, Energy storage and Sector coupling

Where: European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Headquarters, Rue de Namur 72, Brussels

When: 28 June 2019 

Agenda of the workshop (link)

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A European Common Research Agenda for Alternative renewable fuels, Energy storage and Sector coupling – for a future-ready Europe

Brussels – June 28th 2019

In line with the EU Strategic Energy Technology SET – Plan, where alternative renewable fuels and bioenergy are considered key pathways towards the Energy Union (Key Action 8), the projects


funded through the ECRIA (European Common Research and Innovation Agenda) instrument in Horizon2020, aim to develop a roadmap for integrated development of energy storage and bioenergy for Europe.

In particular, the technologies of reversible solid oxide cells – that allow to radically improve the efficiency and flexibility of excess renewable electricity storage – and of second-generation biofuel production are seen as key enablers in the energy transition, technological leadership and industrial competitiveness of Europe, creating flexible energy systems for a sustainable future.

This triggering session aims to advocate the potential of reversible solid oxide cells and biofuel production through an aligned approach towards the energy transition. It is intended to provide support to the Implementation Working Group of Key Action 8 of the SET Plan in defining an updated innovation strategy for alternative fuels, energy storage and bioenergy in Europe.

The focus is on identifying the best practices in transferring core scientific knowledge to competitive advantage through innovation, safeguarding environmental sustainability. The ECRIA instrument has proved to be instrumental in establishing research priorities and aligning them with an overarching strategic agenda for the energy transition, and its benefits for the next Framework Programme – Horizon Europe – will be discussed.

Feedback will be collected during and after the workshop to support the SET Plan Implementation Working Group #8 in the further preparation of an integrated Research and Innovation Agenda on alternative renewable fuels, e-fuels, hydrogen and bioenergy.

The projects have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731224 (BALANCE), 731263 (AMBITION) and 730936 (SmiLES).